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400 Statement of Guiding Principles for Staff Personnel



In order to provide the best possible educational program, it is the goal of the Board of Directors to recruit and retain a high caliber of certified and support staff.  The Board of Directors will appoint all personnel at its discretion, following the recommendation of the Superintendent.


All employment positions will be created with the approval of the Board.  Before a new position is created, the Superintendent will present a job description, including qualifications, responsibilities, supervision, and evaluation, to the Board.


A position may remain unfilled or vacant for a period of time, but only the Board has the  authority to abolish a position.


The Board of Directors recognizes its duty to bargain collectively with any duly certified employee organization.



Adopted:  October 14, 1985                 


Reviewed: Feb. 10, 1997
March 12, 2001
December 19, 2005
June 20, 2011
July 11, 2016