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1002.2 Citizens' Advisory Committee: Membership and Appointment

Final selections for membership on citizen’s advisory committees shall be made by the Board of Directors as a whole.  Membership should be limited to individuals who are willing to devote time and attention to the matter under consideration.  As a matter of basic policy, such committees shall be representative of the community as a whole, and should, whenever possible, have members who live in and represent the various areas in the school district.
The chairperson of the committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.
Travel expenses of committee members shall be paid by the Board, upon proper authorization and presentation of receipts.
Cross Reference:           203.6    Citizens’ Advisory Committee
Adopted:  April 14, 1986                      
Reviewed:   March 20, 2000            
October 18, 2004
April 19, 2010
May 18, 2015