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1002.3 Citizens' Advisory Committee: Communications and Recommendations

The chairperson of any citizens’ advisory committee shall convene meetings of the membership and proceed with the work to be done.  The chairperson shall maintain liaison with the superintendent of schools, and shall be responsible for the preparation of a final report to be presented to the Board of Directors.
The committee, working under the direction of the chairperson, shall have at its disposal such reasonable information and resources as are necessary to the committee’s work.
The final report to the Board of Directors should contain the findings of the committee and, where appropriate, outline specific suggestions of recommendations for Board consideration.
Cross Reference:           203.6    Citizens’ Advisory Committees
Adopted:  April 14, 1986                      
Reviewed:   March 20, 2000            
October 18, 2004
April 19, 2010
May 18, 2015