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500 Statement of Guiding Principles for Student Personnel

Student Rights and Responsibilities
Each student has the opportunity and the right to use school as a means for self-improvement and individual growth.  In so doing, he or she is expected to conduct his or her affairs in such a way as to assure other students the same opportunities without serving to restrict or otherwise inhibit their individual and collective rights.
Of equal importance is the right of school authorities to prescribe and control--consistent with fundamental and constitutional safeguards--student conduct in the schools.
In exercising this right, each building principal, working with his staff and with the students, will attempt to achieve the objectives and follow the procedures set forth by Board policies and administrative regulations pertaining to the various aspects of student right, student conduct, and student discipline.
Objective to be Achieved
The primary objective is the proper recognition and preservation of a student's constitutional rights and allowance for such rights:
•Freedom of Expression - Students may freely express their points of view provided they do not seek to coerce others to join in their mode of expression and provided also that they do not otherwise intrude upon the rights of others during school hours.
•Personal Appearance - Restrictions on a student's hair style or his manner of dress will be determined where there is a "clear and present danger to the student's health and safety, causes an interference with work, or creates classroom or school disorder" as a result of such hair style or manner of dress.  Participation in voluntary activities may necessitate specific requirements for approved grooming and dress due to the nature of the activity.
•The Right to Petition - Students are allowed to present petitions to the administration at any time.  Collecting of signatures on petitions is limited to before and after school hours.  No student will be subjected to disciplinary measures of any nature for signing a petition addressed to the administration--assuming that the petition is free of obscenities, libelous statements, personal attack, advocation of disruption which poses a probable threat of disruption to the regular school program, and is within the bounds of reasonable conduct.
•Student Due Process Rights - Students are to have clearly established means by which "administrative due process" is available to see that the individual's rights are protected.  Students are to be involved, singly and collectively, as citizens of the school with the attendant rights of such citizenship and corresponding responsibilities for the proper conduct of their own affairs and those of other students.
Legal References:         Constitution of Iowa, Art. I,  Sec. 9
Cross References:         502       Students Rights & Responsibilities
502.9    Search and Seizure
502.6    Interviews with Students
602.1    Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex and Handicap
Adopted:  November 11, 1985               
Reviewed:   March 1998                      
January 20, 2003
September 2006
December 17, 2012