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501 Student Attendance

It shall be the policy of this school district to encourage regular attendance on the part of each student.   An accurate and consistently maintained record system is crucial to alerting the staff of the attendance pattern of each student.
The staff should use resources available to meet the goal of achieving regular attendance for all students.  It is imperative that:

  1. Teachers let students know they care for them and want them in attendance every day.


  1. Parents and guardians be aware that teachers expect their help in seeing that students attend school daily.


  1. Students realize that valuable information and training is provided each day by the teachers, and they will miss important learning opportunities if they do not attend school daily.

Students who are absent from school without a reasonable excuse as determined by the administration shall be subject to disciplinary measures which may include, but not be limited to, short-term and long-term suspension and expulsion.
Legal Reference:           Iowa Code Sections 274.1;  279.8;  299.8
Court Cases:  Burdick v. Babcock, 31 Ia. 562 (1871)
DPI Decision:  In re Sandra Mitchell v. Benton Community School District, 
1 D.P.I,  App. Dec. 20,  June 1978
Adopted:  November 11, 1985               
Reviewed:   March 1998                 
January 20, 2003
September 2006
December 17, 2012