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701 School Food Program

The school district will operate a school lunch and breakfast program.  The school food program services will include hot lunches through participation in the National School Lunch Program and supplementary foods for students during the school day.
Lunch and Food Service Prices
The Board of Directors will set, and periodically review, the prices for school lunches and milk.
School food services are operated on a nonprofit basis, and will comply with all regulations pertaining to health, sanitation, and service of foods.  School food services will meet all state and federal requirements for participation in state and federal programs.
Employees, except for food service personnel, will be required to purchase adult-price tickets for meals consumed.  Food service employees may receive a meal allowance, if their negotiated contract with the Board so stipulates.
School food service receipts will be used only to pay for regular food service operating costs.  When facilities are used by outside groups or agencies, an adequate fee will be charged, as approved by the Board.  If facilities are used for other than the regular program, the manager will ensure that no supplies provided for the regular program (or by USDA) are used.  The law allows the use of school lunch facilities by senior citizens; when requests for such use are directed to the Board, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  (See Iowa Code Section 283A.8)
The manager of food service will cooperate with the building principals in all matters essential to the proper functioning of the food service program.  The building principal in each school will be responsible for maintaining proper student discipline.  Food service personnel in each school building will be directly responsible to the food service manager and to the building principal.
General Regulations
As required for participation in the National School Lunch Program, The Board agrees to the following general regulations:
1.    That a "School Lunch Meal Pattern" type lunch be made available to students;
2.    That free or reduced-price lunches be provided to students who cannot afford the price of the "School Lunch Meal Pattern" lunch.
Students will also be permitted to bring their lunches from home and to purchase only beverages and incidental items.
Note:                District tax funds may be used to provide necessary physical plant facility, purchase the initial equipment necessary for the establishment of food service in new or existing building, and replace major equipment.
In addition, the Board of Directors may use funds disbursed to the district under Chapter 283A of the Iowa Code; gifts; funds received from sale of school lunches; and any other funds legally available to operate the school lunch program.
Legal References:          Iowa Code Chapter 283A;  670-10.1 (257); 670-10.2 (257)
Iowa Administrative Code 10.1; 10.2
Cross Reference:           701.4    Eligibility for Free or Reduced-Cost Meals
Adopted:  January 13, 1986                  
Reviewed:   February 13, 1995         
March 8, 1999
December 15, 2003
August, 2006
August, 2008
December 16, 2013
Revised:  March 15, 2004