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701.4 Eligibility for Free or Reduced Cost Meals

Students enrolled and attending school in the school district, who are unable to afford the cost or a portion of the cost of the school lunch, breakfast and supplemental foods, will be provided the school food program services at no cost or at a reduced cost.  Whether or not a particular child is eligible for free or reduced price meals or milk will be determined by the building principal in accordance with guidelines set by the National School Lunch program.  Decisions on eligibility may be appealed to the superintendent of schools.
In accordance with the guidelines for participation in the National School Lunch program, and in accordance with the wishes of the Board, no child who a teacher believes is improperly nourished will be denied a meal simply because the proper papers have not been filed by his/her parents or guardian.  The needs of the individual child will always be considered first.
The criteria and procedures for determining a student's need and the steps to secure free or reduced price meals will be outlined and made known to the general public by the superintendent.  These criteria and procedures are established at the state/federal level.
Students who participate in free or reduced price meal programs will not be distinguished in any way from students who pay the regular price; great care shall be taken to protect the anonymity of these students.  Their names will not be made known to any person except such staff member or members as needed to make the special arrangements for them.
The Board, in accordance with state and federal requirements, adopts an annual policy statement as recommended by the Department of Public Instruction, Child Nutrition Program Division of the State of Iowa.  When such a policy is adopted, a copy of the policy statement and attachments will be included in the minutes of the Board.
Note:                The annual agreement on participation in food programs between the school district and the state is on file in the office of the superintendent , together with copies of application forms, news releases, and appeal procedures.  Copies of application forms are also available from each building principal's office.
Legal Reference:           Iowa Code Chapter 283A
Adopted:  January 13, 1986                  
Reviewed:   February 13, 1995        
March 8, 1999
December 15, 2003
August, 2006
August, 2008
December 16, 2013
Revised:  March 15, 2004